Jackfruit Coconut Custard Donuts

Jackfruit Coconut Donuts with Condensed Milk Glaze

Jackfruit is a strange beast. I use the word “beast” deliberately here for two reasons: (1) it’s insides are more like meat than fruit, and (2) it’s filled with latex sap so sticky it’ll fuse your knife to your hand, and then your hand to your cutting board, and then your cutting board to your forehead.

But it tastes great.

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Root Veggie Dutch Baby w/ Balsamic Syrup and Lemon-Dill Cream

Root veggie Dutch Baby with lemon-dill cream sauce and balsamic drizzle

When I was younger breakfast was just an excuse to eat dessert. Muffins are really just big cupcakes, and jam is just fruit icing, and French toast is just bread pudding, I don’t think I need to start on pancakes. In light of that, I’m not sure why eating ice cream for breakfast is such a stereotypical travesty – I mean, if you’re going to start your day off with sugar, you may as well go all the way and just inject some heavy cream into it.

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