Warm Chai Persimmon Cocktail

Warm Chai Persimmon Cocktail: persimmon simple syrup, spice infused vodka, and chai tea.Anyone who has ever questioned that “fruit is nature’s candy” could use either (a) a good lecture, or (b) a persimmon.

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Swirly Apple Poison Punch

Swirly Apple Poison

There are plenty of awesome ways to trick out your Halloween treats – I’m going to pat myself on the back for that one – but many of them involve black lights, dry ice, fire, or food coloring, and I’d personally prefer to spend more time drinking my drinks than managing their levels of apparent radioactivity. (Plus, food coloring gives me the creeps. There are few things more disconcerting than taking a sip of a neon-blue, chocolate flavored cocktail).

Instead, we took a page from the highly gimmicky and extraordinarily disgusting Viniq, a liqueur that resembles nail polish and is so offensively flavored that it may in fact be better used for that purpose. To give you a quick description, it sort of tastes like somebody put cheap vodka in cheap wine and added the flavoring from purple Gatorade –

Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it is.

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Kalbi Burgers with Pickled Veggie/Kimchi Slaw and Korean-Style Mayo

Kalbi Burgers with Pickled Veggie Slaw and Korean-Style Mayo


It’s been many years since I’ve barbecued anything, so I couldn’t have possibly given fair warning to Sarah and our friends that I’ve somehow inherited my dad’s grilling attitude. He’s one of many fathers who names himself Grill Master, whose authority is unquestionable at the advice of our mother, and who instilled in me the strong association between steak and what I thought the diesel engine of a sports car must taste like after hitting 100,000 miles.

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Tequila Chicken with Roasted Veggie Salad

Tequila Chicken with Roasted Veggie Salad

The weather has been so nice lately that Sarah and I decided to take advantage of it by having an evening walk. We’d eaten three full meals that day and figured there could be no harm in a little exercise, so we opted to take a short stroll down our native city of Rockville with it’s expanses of concrete and its rush hour traffic and the tantalizing aroma of car exhaust…

Maybe not reflective of the blooming springtime we tried to experience, but better than nothing.

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