Gochujang Soy Caramel Popcorn

Gochujang Soy Caramel Popcorn

There’s a radio station in the DMV that plays Christmas music starting from the middle of November, and every year I make it my personal objective to fill all proximal airspace with as much snowball-throwing, jingle-belling, reindeer-abusing cheer as possible.

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Kalbi Burgers with Pickled Veggie/Kimchi Slaw and Korean-Style Mayo

Kalbi Burgers with Pickled Veggie Slaw and Korean-Style Mayo


It’s been many years since I’ve barbecued anything, so I couldn’t have possibly given fair warning to Sarah and our friends that I’ve somehow inherited my dad’s grilling attitude. He’s one of many fathers who names himself Grill Master, whose authority is unquestionable at the advice of our mother, and who instilled in me the strong association between steak and what I thought the diesel engine of a sports car must taste like after hitting 100,000 miles.

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