The Bitter Ginger

The Bitter Ginger: green chartreuse, bitter melon, sugar snap peas, cucumber, lemon juice, and ginger beer

I don’t know if I can convince you to drink this by using words. I’m not even sure I should tell you what’s in it.

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Amarula Coffee Milkshake

Amarula Coffee Milkshake: Amarula, espresso vodka, and coffee ice cream

Warm weather is here! And spring, much like summer, fall, and winter, is a great excuse to drink.

Plus, warmer seasons means it’s time to go out and do things, and if you’ve ever been out on a warm night or gone to the beach, you’ll know that warm seasons are the only acceptable times to be publicly drunk, and if that turns out not to be true then I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

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Root Veggie Dutch Baby w/ Balsamic Syrup and Lemon-Dill Cream

Root veggie Dutch Baby with lemon-dill cream sauce and balsamic drizzle

When I was younger breakfast was just an excuse to eat dessert. Muffins are really just big cupcakes, and jam is just fruit icing, and French toast is just bread pudding, I don’t think I need to start on pancakes. In light of that, I’m not sure why eating ice cream for breakfast is such a stereotypical travesty – I mean, if you’re going to start your day off with sugar, you may as well go all the way and just inject some heavy cream into it.

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The Honeyed Rose Cocktail

Honey Rose Cocktail: honey liqueur, rose water, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and grenadine

We’re posting this pretty late. I’d like to make a joke about targeting this post at people who forgot until the last minute, but I can’t because every store in the US has been shoving cupid’s arrows into our eyeballs for over a month. (I’m pretty sure we’re only a step away from getting online advertisements reminding us when our anniversaries are.)

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Spiced Gooseberry Gin and Tonic

Spiced Gooseberry G&T: a pleasantly bitter and refreshing winter drink with a complex flavor, spiced with sage and green peppercorn.

Sarah and I are two very lucky people who made one very unfortunate mistake – I’m typing this blog post on an 11-hour flight to Honolulu, HI, after staying awake for 24 hours in order to sleep through this 5,000 mile journey. To help with this endeavor, we decided to invest in a sleep-aid – just in case. So, reasonably, we waited until we boarded the plane and were comfortably seated, and then we took a dose each, and then after two hours of sight-seeing the outside of the New Jersey airport from the runway, we were kindly informed to step off the plane and re-board an hour later.

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Chocolate Covered Caramels (2 Ways)

Coffee-Chocolate Covered Molasses Caramels

Only a few days left until New Year’s Eve!

In our previous post I mentioned that I’ve long since run out of money and have been making candy ever since, but I should also mention that I’ve never made candy before. In fact, I’m inexplicably bad at cooking sweet things of any kind – that’s Sarah’s territory. The first batch of caramel I made tasted like gasoline. So did the fourth one.

And that’s exactly why I’m not going to tell you how to make caramel!

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